Why Taking Care of YOURSELF is Important for Your Kids

Why Taking Care of YOURSELF is Important for Your Kids

As a practitioner and mom, I see many ways how physically and emotionally taking care of ourselves is vital to the health of our kids. However, it has been something that has been reflected back to me more than usual in the last month. Over the last few weeks, many unexpected situations came up where I took care of all three kids in our house by myself all day during the summer, and I had some interesting realizations about self-care and self-love.

Over those three weeks this summer, I planned activities for all the kids, kept my calm (as much as possible) as kids fought and told me they were bored, and took care of them without having a moment for myself. On the last day of these three weeks, as my step-daughter was focused on her weekend plans and going to see her other family, I felt the tears welling up my chest. She just kept asking me to take her to her mom’s as I was making breakfast, cleaning up, and getting the boys ready for the day, and I felt so unappreciated and completely “not good enough” even with all I had done and was doing. Not to mention, I had to wait for workers to come get bats out of our attic.

She loves both her families very much, and that is awesome. But, man, is it a physical and emotional beating to get up at night with a toddler, make sure kids are happy and not killing each other, everyone stays fed with snacks up the wazoo (kids and summer, am I right?!?!) and meals, and the house doesn’t look completely a wreck, AND THEN, have a kid pester you about how they are ready to move on to the next thing. Plus, fitting in work or your marriage at night feels like just another hurdle after your exhausted. Once I got everyone off for the day on the last day of those three weeks, I sat in my room and broke down crying. I felt so tired and so empty.

But, whose responsibility was that really? For three weeks, I poured everything out into these kids, and I ALLOWED nothing to be poured back into me. I didn’t speak up, I didn’t ask for help, and I didn’t look for ways that I could help myself feel better and fill back up.

But, why wasn’t anyone acknowledging all of what I had just done? Oh yeah, because I hadn’t acknowledged or taken care of myself. If we expect others to fill all our needs, we will end up disappointed, especially if it is kids. And if you are a step-parent, you need to care of yourself more than ever, and we all have our own areas where our life completely depletes us if we don’t take care of ourselves.

During that same time, I saw how clients were struggling to implement all the protocols due to their own lack of energy and anxiety. Seeing kids struggle causes lots of emotional trauma for parents, and it is hard to stay focused through that past pain working through a root cause natural treatment. It requires taking action, asking questions, and a little patience. When I see parents have nutritional imbalances and emotional traumas, this can lead to brain fog, anxiety, overthinking, and low energy that makes it hard to plan new healthy meals, schedule in the near infrared light, stay on track with supplements, and many other aspects that we work on in Fed and Focused.

And, it’s not their fault. They are sacrificing to take care of their kids at the expense of their own health, and it shouldn’t have to be that way.

As parents, we deserve to take care of ourselves too, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We deserve to put time, effort and energy into ourselves because this in turn helps us pour it back into our families.

So, back to me for a moment. How has this experience made me reevaluate my own self-care? Well, I have gotten back into running as a start. I have gotten Luke to sleep better by giving him a snack right before bed, he is an extreme fast oxidizer so he burns through his food very quickly. After my emotional breakdown, I went and bought myself some new cute clothes and a Whole Foods’ cookie to treat myself as praise for working so hard as a parent. Finally, I have committed to wear “real clothes” and take 2 minutes to put on makeup each morning. An old version of me would have thought this was ridiculous to use ways that I look on the outside as self-care, but the truth is, it makes me feel better because it is a small way that I start my day taking care of myself even if I never get another moment to do so for the rest of the day. This also shows others that I value myself enough to put myself together even if the choices take less than 5 minutes.

Through these experiences, as a practitioner, I saw how much I want to support families as a whole in healing and taking care of their physical and emotional needs because that helps everyone. This journey is so much more than just the nutrition of a child. I have many families that I work with that want to do hair tests for everyone as well because to be honest, many deficiencies happen throughout a family and stress is nutrient depleting. I saw ways that moms needed to support their own energy and self-care, whether that is pampering themselves or nutrition. I saw how the parent’s mindset was so important in how we can perceive the same results in a certain period of time as either “half full” or “half empty” and how that mindset CHOICE determines the trajectory of the future results because in that mindset there is a decision at some point to continue to commit or to quit. As a practitioner who cares SO DEEPLY, I am not doing my job if I let anyone quit.

Therefore, I have created a new package offer that I am just over the moon excited about. I called it the “Family Transformational Health Package“.

One of the greatest things that we can to do help our kids is to heal ourselves as well. We can not pour into others from an empty cup, and just like on airplanes, they tell you for the safety of your kids, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first. I know as a mom, the more energy and mental clarity we can have, the more energy we can put into helping our kids. It takes alot of energy to be a parent, let alone make healthy meals for them, keep them on a supplement plan, and help them heal. You are already doing so much for your family, you deserve the most care and support for everyone, including yourself.

This package is great for any family looking for a complete “done with you” support to help their child heal. This allows for 1:1 communication to trouble shoot adjusting supplement dosages, working along with your child’s primary care provider to wean them off medications, and with complex struggles. I will hold your hand through the whole journey until we cross the finish line!

This package includes:

  • Two hair mineral analysis tests to assess your child’s nutritional needs ($1,000 value)
  • Four 1:1 personalized strategy calls to keep you on track and accountable to your goals ($1,000 value)
  • Unlimited personal email support for as long as needed ($5,000 value)
  • Two reports that include explanation and interpretation of scientific data and strategies to implement them through food, supplements, and lifestyle in a manageable way for kids ($1,000 value)
    • I even teach clients how to hide the supplements in their kids’ foods
  • One hair mineral analysis test for each parent and sibling of child
    • each immediate family hair test will also include a report with the explanation and interpretation of scientific data and strategies to implement them through food, supplements, and lifestyle ($2,000 value)
  • Lifetime access to the Online Portal which includes your “game plan” and step-by-step training videos to help you successfully implement your Accelerated Attention Approach™ ($2,000 value)
    • some topics include: balanced, kid-friendly nutrition based on the test results, HTMA and supplement deep dive, HOW TO USE the near infrared light, removing environmental toxins, and MORE…
  • Lifetime access to the Members Only Facebook group for 24/7 support and ongoing access to group coaching calls, replays, parental community, and more (searchable posts and resources): ($2,000 value)
  • Unlimited support through the FB group (must post questions in the group)
    • no private FB message support
    • Tasty Tuesday – Get some healthy,
      kid approved meal ideas and chat
      with me about your food questions
      as we cook together
    • Q & A Thursday- Get your most
      pressing questions and challenges
      addressed so you can move forward
      with more clarity and confidence
    • Over 300+ meal, snack, and healthy product ideas
  • Welcome package including first set of supplements for child sent RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR ($100 value)
  • Near infrared light sent RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR (that you get to keep forever!!!) ($50 value)
  • Family wellness package ($500 value – please pick 1)
  • 20% off recommended supplements

If this sounds like a right fit for you and your family, book a call with me right now so we can get you on the path to healing and happiness!

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