Guide to Adrenal Fatigue Treatment and How to Balance Cortisol

Guide to Adrenal Fatigue Treatment and How to Balance Cortisol

Can’t wake up in the morning? Can’t fall asleep at night? Want to nap at your desk at 3 pm? Bloated? Stressed? Losing your mojo?

You probably have adrenal fatigue. In today’s world, it is very hard not too. We sleep too little (and don’t get good quality sleep), we drink too much coffee, we eat too much sugar, we work too much, and then to top it off we feel we need to overexercise to lose weight.



We can’t always reduce our stress or drastically change our life, but we can “hack” or support our health in our current life. There are many options for adrenal fatigue treatment.

First, I would recommend you completely evaluate things you can control or change like your consumption of sugar, coffee, and alcohol. Also, if you are feeling extreme fatigue you should make sure your exercise is in 20-30 minute segments and not endurance training. HIIT workouts are great for this. For me, I started focusing on short 30 minute runs and 5k races instead of half marathons and marathons after my son was born because the lack of sleep and breastfeeding was too much to tack endurance training on top of. Plus, the time commitment was adding more stress. I would also stress that planning your meals to balance your blood sugar is very important. Start your day with some protein and fat. Do not start your day with just a carbohydrate or just a cup of coffee. I have personally found that I cannot do carbohydrates, except vegetables, in the morning, or I will be hungry soon after and not as focused. If I only have protein and high fat for breakfast, I can go longer without needing food and have high mental clarity to get things done. These lifestyle changes may be all you need in terms of adrenal fatigue treatment.

For some, the lifestyle changes may not be enough to treat their adrenal fatigue. So, there are some other adrenal supporters in the form of supplements. I have heard many other nutrition specialists recommend Ashwaganda, but it isn’t something I have personally tried. I like:

  • Vitamin C (I consume a tsp of Camu Camu powder every morning).
  • Vitamin B complex – Energy!!!
  • Vitex – good adrenal supporter and hormone balancer
  • Rhodiola – good adrenal supporter and hormone balaancer
  • Salt (First thing, I wake up and down 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt in water)

I use this grouping of supplements for several reasons. Vitamin C and salt are food based. Vitex supports my hormonal health and has helped me avoid PMS and postpartum depression. Plus, I used it to balance my hormones when trying to conceive both times. Salt has helped my body with digestion and have a bowel movement first thing in the morning. If you are not having a bowel movement within 20 minutes of opening your eyes, that is a sign of constipation that could indicate a deeper imbalance. This initially cleansed my system and diminished some bloating I had when I started this practice due to stress surrounding starting my business. Salt super charges the adrenals in the morning and helps you wake up just like a cup of coffee does. Vitamin C helped my cycles regulate and boosted my immunity. Vitamin B helped with my energy, especially when my son wakes up through the night to feed.

Aside from supplements, I started thinking about the quality of my sleep. I realized I wasn’t eating enough carbohydrates to support my cortisol regulation, and therefore, I started reducing my fat intake and increased my carbohydrate intake to 40-50% of calories. I tracked my calories for a short time to make sure I was eating enough food and in the right ratios. Also, I discovered I could improve my sleep quality by wearing blue blocking glasses at night when looking at screens.

Have you tried adrenal support? Has anything worked for you?




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