When Parents Get on a Program Too

When Parents Get on a Program Too

Had to share a great update from one of my hardworking clients in the Fed and Focused Program.
Angie, a mom of 4, is a functional nutrition enthusiast and was already feeding her family really healthy food. Through her background, she already understood all the links of emotional health and nutritional health. However, her son was still struggling with focus issues, emotional outbursts, and sensory issues. 😀

Since joining the program, in her words, he is doing “fantastic”. His focus at school has been great, and in her update, she shared these heartwarming words of her progress as she did an HTMA test as well. 🌟

In working with clients and in my own personal journey, I have seen that health has to be looked at holistically – mind, body, soul, and family. It is a game changer when the whole family is on a plan.
As a mom myself, my ability has skyrocketed to take care of my family as I have made my health a priority through testing, improved my diet, taken supplements, done parasite cleanses💩, used near infrared light, and healed emotional traumas through mindset coaching and energy healing. Plus of course my love of getting out for a run! 🏃‍♂️ I help these families do the same so that they can focus on what they love most! ♥️♥️♥️ I am so happy for Angie, and my greatest hope is that all families find the best solution for them to help them heal!!