Thriving – Our Weston A Price Success Story

Thriving – Our Weston A Price Success Story

Our story was featured in the Weston A Price journal, Wise Traditions!

Below is what I wrote in to Sally Fallon, and therefore, what got featured in the quarterly journal. I would love it though if you would hear me share my heart about our story and why I started Mama Bear Naturals in my sit down chat video that I posted here.


I just wanted to share my story of how the Weston A. Price Foundation has changed my life. WAPF helped me nourish my son Noah back to optimal health through breastfeeding issues. He went from doctors classifying him as borderline failure to thrive (not on the chart for his age) to now being 30.5 inches long (73rd percentile), head is 48.3 cm (95th percentile), and weight is 21 pounds 10 ounces (56th percentile). Food was really medicine for him. I found the WAPF while he was having weight gain issues, and I was looking for the best way to not only help him gain weight but flood his body with nutrients once we started solid foods.

 He was born very quickly with a nuchal hand, which caused the plates in his head to shift and he could not transfer milk well. It took until four months to figure out, and he didn’t complete craniosacral therapy until about seven months. I started exclusively pumping for a while, but he still had quite a bit of weight to make up. So, when he started solids at six months, I wanted to give him the best. These nutrient dense foods or “sacred” foods that WAPF recommends allowed him to start gaining weight quickly, complete catch up growth, and have crazy hair growth so that he needed a haircut at nine months. I noticed his head grew the most (I just knew all that healthy fat was building his brain), and the cod liver oil made his face go from narrow to round with a wide jaw and optimal facial structure. I mix his cod liver oil with half an avocado and coconut oil to mask the flavor and also add Himalayan sea salt and kelp flakes for iodine, and he has no problem with it. I call it my “supercharged guacamole”.
 I started with avocados, egg yolks, veggies with grass-fed butter and grass-fed collagen, and salmon and sweet potato. I really focused on seafood (salmon, shrimp, tuna, salmon eggs) since those were the cultures with the most optimal face structures, but I also would cook grass-fed ground beef with liver and combine that with carrots, sweet potato, or squash and fat. I think this trains kids to be healthy eaters. I now have a one-year-old who devours salmon and veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, peppers)! His first birthday breakfast was salmon lox, a runny egg, avocado, and sautéed spinach.
At his one year appointment, the doctor was amazed! He now even has a love for drums and rhythm, which is a good sign of problem-solving skills. My husband even played his trumpet a little bit in front of Noah, and then he gave it to him, who put it to his mouth and pressed the buttons like he was going to play.
 Thank you again for all your work and research. I would love to spread the word of the WAPF in any way I can
Chelsea Thiede
Holt, MI

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