Stay at Home Show & Tell Wall

Stay at Home Show & Tell Wall

New family project I came up with yesterday: “Stay at Home Show and Tell Wall”. We’re spending lots of time in our basement together, so I have it set up where we can all see it most of the day. I came up with this creative idea to hang up pictures and projects we do during this time for 3 main, very important reasons.

1. I want the kids to have as many opportunities as possible to focus on the positives during this time. It is all too easy to focus on the “we don’t get to..” or the “I miss…” or the frustrations and fears, which are all valid. But, the positives and joys are just as present. Through the adjustments, we’ve still already done some really cool stuff, and that’s the stuff I want them to remember most when they look back on this.

2. Most days, I question whether I’m doing enough for the kids and family during all this, and I feel bouts of more overwhelm then ever. Can anyone else relate? I decided I deserved a clear representation that I’m doing a good job. We’re all more than ok. We’re even learning and having fun.

3. We’re currently doing a daily checklist system to earn movie night/messenger time by the evening with chores, creative projects, school, etc. But, it’s been pulling teeth some days to find a system that works (block schedule was not a good fit to allow for productivity and individuality at the same time). Even with so many games and craft options, their dragging their feet some days to do anything. I think on some level we’ve all become a little listless. I’m hoping that having a place to showcase their crafts and projects, it will inspire them to create for the joy of sharing it with others (and build their self-esteem) with it being on the wall. I hope this helps give them a small sense of purpose and fulfillment to create and learn through this new growth opportunity we all have at home.

What fun things are you doing at home?

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