Noah’s 1st Birthday Party “Rumble in the Jungle” – How to Throw a Gluten-Free/Refined Sugar-Free/Paleo 1st Birthday Party

Noah’s 1st Birthday Party “Rumble in the Jungle” – How to Throw a Gluten-Free/Refined Sugar-Free/Paleo 1st Birthday Party


Happy Birthday Noah!

I can’t believe Noah is 1 year old! I am a food and crafting enthusiast, and I had many ideas for Noah’s IMG_0366party. He loves jungle animals, especially monkeys, and has an amazing ability for music for his age. So, I combined the two for a “Rumble in the Jungle” theme.

The Menu

I wanted to make the food healthy, gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and beautiful. I wanted to do this for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t want a ton of food there that I wouldn’t have been comfortable with him eating in case someone was to feed him something.
  2. I wanted to show our family that beautiful, delicious food can be healthy without leaving you feeling deprived. I even found many of the dessert recipes I used a lot easier because I just put everything in a blender!IMG_0367

For the food, I grilled meat for sandwiches or salads. I made two salads, one with bacon, avocado and veggies, and the other with fruit, cheese, and nuts. Then, I made guacamole, hummus, veggie tray, and a fruit tray.

For the desserts, there was “Monkeyin’ Around” banana coconut pudding, “Kangaroo” key lime pie macaroons, “Hungry Hippo Bites” nut butter truffles, “Tiger Cubcakes” pumpkin pie cheesecake truffles, and chocolate covered “Zebra” strawberries.

For his smash cake, I made a carrot cake that was gluten-free and refined sugar free. You can find the recipe here. I IMG_0364thought having the carrots in the cake helped make a great cake without gluten. Plus, the creamy icing I made with coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and cashew butter was so addicting! While he was “playing with the cake”, I would give him a bite and eat some myself!!! Also, the drink area  was labeled “Watering Hole”. I provided water, grapefruit sparkling water, and a little apple juice for the kids. All the sparkling water was gone by the end.


For the decorations, I made the following:

  1. Monthly photos on a snake banner  IMG_0365    IMG_0383  IMG_0427 IMG_0434 IMG_0436 IMG_0458
  2. Happy Birthday sign made with jungle leaves
  3. Instruments with jungle print14484601_10207547909477011_706809667199486351_n
  4. Headbands with animal ears for the kids – the girls loved them!
  5. Bright colors!!!
  6. Streamers and leaves to make the park pavilion look like a jungle
  7. A sign at the parking area with animal print balloons to let people know where to go
  8. Chalk drawings on the ground of animal prints – the kids liked drawing with the chalk laterIMG_0409


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