Monthly Meal Prep for Our Family of 4-5

Monthly Meal Prep for Our Family of 4-5

How Can I Feed My Family?

This is a question I ask myself a lot. It comes with other questions like “What can I feed my family that is healthy?” or “What are the meals my family will actually eat?” or “What do I have time to make that is easy?”. This also comes along with budget and cost of meals too.

This question became even more daunting for me as my son Noah turned 2, and we found out we were having another boy. Would I have the time and the space to cook for everyone and their appetites without going crazy and needing to haul trucks of food to my house?!?! I needed a PLAN.

To add to the task, Brynn, my step-daughter, is a picky eater and is only with us half the time. So, I had to make a plan that would have healthy meals that catered to her modern child taste buds. I also needed a way to track meal planning with Brynn’s schedule. This helped me make a good rotation that would provide variety and allow me to plan shopping and prepping food ahead for quick meals.

28 Dinner Meals (4 Weeks)

Week 1: (M-no Brynn, T-Th-Brynn, F- no Brynn)

Weekend 1: (just me and the boys)

Week 2: (M-Brynn, T-Th- no Brynn, F- Brynn)

Weekend 2: (with Brynn)

Week 3: (M-no Brynn, T-Th-Brynn, F- no Brynn)

  • Chili – sweet potato/bacon/etc
  • Bean and Cheese Quesadillas
  • Pork and ramen noodles
  • Sweet Potato Bar Night – bacon, sour cream, cheese
  • French Dip Sandwiches – gluten-free bread, bottle red wine, beef broth, 3 lb brisket

Weekend 3: (just me and the boys)

Week 4: (M-Brynn, T-Th- no Brynn, F- Brynn)

Weekend 4: (Brynn)

  • Bacon Potato Soup (with cassava flour) or butternut squash soup
  • Honey ham (buy one without nitrites/sulfites, sugar), mac and cheese (using chickpea pasta and arrowroot starch), peas

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