How 30 Days Investing In Your Health Can Help Your Kids

How 30 Days Investing In Your Health Can Help Your Kids

Last November, I was at a holistic healing event to learn about natural cancer therapies with some of my dear friends. At the end of the day, a cancer survivor and now friend, Tami, shared about her journey after cancer in healing herself. She found Arbonne to use natural products such as makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, bath, and nutrition products. I was strongly encouraged at the time to join as a consultant, and after much prayer and hesitation, I jumped in, while thinking, there is no way I am posting pictures of myself on social media with products. THAT’S NOT ME. And, I didn’t. To be honest, it is still not me, especially if I am just speaking about a product versus something specific to a positive aspect of my life. But, since then, I have thoroughly used the 50% discount I get, and I really fell in love with all the products.

It wasn’t until recently where I really felt how Arbonne has changed my life. For one, because they are free of 2,000 chemicals, I have been able to easily switch a ton of products. However, I have really loved lately how it has helped me feel healthier and more energized as a mom.

Right now, the season of motherhood I am in is “full on”. I have a 9 year old step-daughter, almost 4 year old son, and 1.5 year old son. Over the summer, I have been the main caretaker of them at home while managing a business and the house. I came to a place of true exhaustion mentally, emotionally, and physically. There was very little left for myself. We also recently discovered our house had high levels of radon and had a mitigation system installed. The radon was irritating my lungs and creating lots of acne on my cheeks, which is an area connected to the lung meridian per Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through all of this, I have really enjoyed having products that give me self-care and energy in my schedule. Their detox tea has helped me feel so much better, and I can tell I am getting rid of a ton of junk in my system. My skin completely cleared up. My digestion continues to improve! I also like making chocolate smoothies for a quick snack when I want a treat. Sometimes, in the afternoon, if I am really drained after taking care of the kids, I have a fizz stick as a pick me up, and it puts me in such a good mood, like just taking that little bit of time to “treat myself” feels like a bit of self-care even when I don’t have time for it.

Many of the things I use are in Arbonne’s specific plan called 30 Days of Healthy Living. It includes: 7 day body cleanse60 servings of protein powder30 servings of fiber60 fizz sticks40 detox tea bags30 packets of digestion plus30 day guide

On this plan it really helps busy parents eat healthy by limiting or cutting out sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, and coffee. This can really improve inflammation, digestion, weight loss, and energy. It is such a worthy investment in yourself, and I feel so much better after including these products into my daily routine.

For me, I saw how increasing my own mental clarity and energy helps me take care of my family more too. I can keep up with my kids and keep my emotions more in check when my kids make me crazy. Also, I can continue to see new ways to solve problems that I didn’t before as I feel better. For example, my son, Luke, struggles to sleep through the night, and as a hair mineral analysis practitioner, I know many things about sleep. However, I never had the energy to think through how to help him before. Then, suddenly, I realized that feeding him a snack before bed would help stabilize his blood sugar. It is something so simple, and something I would tell my clients. However, in my own mom experience, i wasn’t leaving any mental energy left for taking care of myself before.

Therefore, I have created a new package offer that I am just over the moon excited about. I called it the “Family Transformational Health Package“.

One of the greatest things that we can to do help our kids is to heal ourselves as well. We can not pour into others from an empty cup, and just like on airplanes, they tell you for the safety of your kids, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first. I know as a mom, the more energy and mental clarity we can have, the more energy we can put into helping our kids. It takes alot of energy to be a parent, let alone make healthy meals for them, keep them on a supplement plan, and help them heal. You are already doing so much for your family, you deserve the most care and support for everyone, including yourself.

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