Advanced TRS Heavy Metal Detox

A nano-zeolite gentle heavy metal detox that is safe for adults and children! TRS is a negatively charged zeolite (Clinoptilolite) that is bound to a water molecule. Due to it's negative charge and cage like molecule structure, TRS attracts positively charged, free floating toxins and heavy metals within the body. 


Health By Design LIVE Workshops

Exclusive access to upgrade your family's holistic healing and health through audio and video tutorials, PDFs, and discounts on healings and products



Healing Mediation

30 minute meditation and sound healing to shift energy blocks that are causing stagnation in the body



Whole food, nutrient dense protein and energy drink powders, makeup, and body care

A Recipe for a Healthy Baby E-book

Whole food, nutrient dense baby and toddler food recipes



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