Benefits of Movement

Benefits of Movement

Noah and I have been having fun doing runs together in order to get ready for the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot our family does every year. As runners and creatives, it is a tradition to do this 5k and make costumes.

As a runner, mom, and nutritionist, I know how important movement is for everyone. Movement increases the amount of oxygen to the brain, which improves mood, sleep, and focus just to name a few things!!!

Since the summer, we have been very casually, intuitively training in a way that works for young kids. We have done family runs in a loop that is about a 5k and taken the jogger. We run/walk until he wants to just ride…no pressure. Most of the time, we have a fun snack destination in the middle to break it up and help go out and back. Overtime, we started running to different posts and signs, and he loved picking them and making them competitions. It was just fun, and he started running longer and longer.

As a runner, I have had to catch myself in making sure it is fun for him and not putting my pressure on it for him to do it in a certain way, run a certain amount, or love it as much as I do. For a 4 year old, he does like it, and it has been great quality time as a family about once a week!!!

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