Benefits of Karate for Kids

Benefits of Karate for Kids

Noah has been loving his first week of karate!! Brendon and I are just so excited that he is excited. Noah is naturally very intuitive and my day dreamer. He loves making creative stories with Legos, having time to relax and think, and loves being active in less structured ways. Even at 4, he didn’t want to do any team sports at school. I’m so proud he knows what he does and doesn’t want, but it was so interesting since I am used to many young kids wanting to try everything for the sake of FOMO. He instantly lit up with karate!

Noah loves getting to be like a ninja and work towards individual goals. From watching, it has such a great mix of running, flexibility, agility focus, meditation, strength, and feeling like a bad a**. It has also been shown to increase listening, respect, coordination, emotional control, and self defense of course. I love seeing how it is building his confidence and self-esteem. Our karate studio even has kids nights and camps that help make close friendships.

Have your kids tried karate? What did they think?

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