Start Journaling while At Home

Start Journaling while At Home

While many are looking for things to do, journaling can be a great self-care practice to start. It is so good for positivity, focusing on gratitude, grounding, and mental health. Observing our thoughts and becoming aware of our deep, subconscious feelings is so powerful, especially through the fear and anxiety many are facing.

These tools are so empowering to teach kids as well, especially during a time when they miss socializing. Even young kids can take 20 minutes to draw 3 things that they are grateful for.

I challenge you to spend time journaling all the things you LOVE and appreciate and focus on what you do want. For what’s causing you frustration and upset, why are you really feeling that way? How could you change it or see it from different perspectives? This sets a great example for kids to express what they are feeling, stay positive, and take radical responsibility for the present moment.

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