Help Kids to Feel their Feelings

Help Kids to Feel their Feelings

Giving kids permission to feel their feelings instills a sense of self-worth, trusting their perceptions, and self-love.

When we deflect their feelings or anyone’s, we.make them feel unimportant and defensive. In adults, many times there is different perceptions and deflections of feelings because we are all operating as our little girl or boy who still wants our own feelings validated because they weren’t when we were young. So, we bottle the feelings and store the trauma.

Even an angry child wants to feel loved and enough as they are before they can move through their anger. It’s more difficult to chose a different behavior if they aren’t good enough as they are now.
As parents, we have a beautiful opportunity to do our own inner work, validate ourselves, and teach new patterns to our kids.

How do you help your child work through their feelings?

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