Conscious Parenting Communication Shift

Conscious Parenting Communication Shift

Imagine if every time we went to say, “we have to”, we instead said “we get to”… We all do it. We all have those automatic sayings of “You have to go to school”, “I have to go to work”, “We have to go to the grocery store”, or “We have to go to the appointment”. In what we say and how we say it, it reaffirms in us and to our family that life is happening to us not for us. Instead of training ourselves to see the blessings, we unconsciously see the burdens even though it is looking at the same thing, just with a different perspective.

I was thinking about this last night as my toddler ran away from me with a very full diaper. As parents many times, we groan and say, “Ugh I have to change your diaper”. But, part of the real truth is that you get to. Many women are out there praying for the chance to change a baby’s diaper or mourning that those days are gone. It’s a moment of discomfort for a lifetime of happiness.

We say we have to go to the grocery store and have to spend money on food. But, we also get to. We get to feed our families, and many of us choose the food we enjoy. Some are scraping money together to do just that.

We say we have to go to work or school, but we get to learn or earn money or pursue opportunities we are interested in. And, if you want a different situation, it starts with an optimist attitude of the possibilities out there.

These are all simple examples of how your whole world could shift with simple word swaps because of how differently you could see the same life.
And, most importantly, it opens up brighter ways that your kids can start to see the world as well and take responsibility for the life they are creating for themselves…

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