Cheap, Fun Birthday Surprise for Your Significant Other

Cheap, Fun Birthday Surprise for Your Significant Other

With Brendon’s birthday this past weekend, I was racking my brain about what special thing to do for his birthday. It is hard to find that special time to celebrate when kids are around (and we don’t pay for babysitters if we don’t have to). Plus, we are not gift people. We are experience and doing things for each other people. If you haven’t, I would totally recommend reading The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Anyway, I was having a busy week with the Greater Lansing Baby Fair coming up to promote Mama Bear Naturals and was low on creativity. Then, while listening to Chalene Johnson’s podcast on dating your mate, I heard her talk about sometimes making her and her husband’s bedroom a sanctuary for a date night. Then, the light bulb went off. Brendon would love this. 

So, I searched Pinterest for some inspiration. I was seeing some great ideas, and I decided I would do the following:

  • champagne and our flute glasses from our wedding (I got a Barefoot Brut)
  • make chocolate covered strawberries (with Stevia sweetened chocolate)
  • dollar store tea light candles
  • rose petals
  • a hand written card
  • helium balloons in romantic colors (red, maroon, and cream)
  • pictures of us together to weight the balloons down a bit

I had to spend some major time cleaning our room with clothes that weren’t put away and toddler toys. However, it really wasn’t that much effort to get the supplies and put everything together once the room was clean. Plus, between balloons, candles, champagne, printed pictures, and roses, I definitely spend less than $50 for a real wow factor look.

He loved it, and it made him feel very special. That is better than any gift I could have bought at the store.

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