Lego Masters Date with My Boy

Lego Masters Date with My Boy

These Lego brownies have nothing to do with nutrition. Just fun. We planned a great Lego Masters night with these Lego brownies and building. The other night, Noah and I stayed up way late and watched 3 Lego Masters episodes. We talked and ate snacks. It was so fun and a really relaxing, special connecting time that we don’t typically do. It was nice to just BE.

Normally, bedtimes are kept more on schedule, and he gets pretty minimal screentime. However, it felt really good to switch it up and let the rules go out the window. It’s felt really good for our mental health lately as we all adjust to the new normal.Thankfully, Noah has adjusted really well to being home, but he is confused about the whole thing like why we can’t go see his grandparents or go to the park. Also, I finally figured out that for him a checklist works the best to get projects, karate, walks outside, and learning activities done. It’s been finally allowing me to get a few things done and limit being asked.for shows until the evening. Definitely planning more of these fun evenings for the next few months!!!

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