4 Supplements for Pregnancy

4 Supplements for Pregnancy

A good prenatal vitamin is essential as a safeguard against nutritional deficiencies. Also, if you have MTHFR, meaning you cannot convert folic acid to methylfolate, you need to really read your label. You may also want to consider a probiotic. A probiotic will help you digest your food and absorb the proper nutrients. Also, our immunity is passed onto the baby when they pass through the birth canal. So, having good flora is important. Finally, some other essentials for me are a B complex and electrolytes. These help with energy that your body desperately needs to perform all its tasks in pregnancy. Plus, as your fluid volume increases, electrolytes are important for the transport of vitamins and minerals.

  • Prenatal vitamin
    • Folate vs. folic acid (Vitamin B9)
    • Methylcobalamine vs. cobalamine (Vitamin B12)
    • Brands – Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal, Mega Food Baby & Me
  • Probiotic
      • Primal Defense
      • Vitamin Code
      • Klaire Labs
      • Consider rotating brands to get different strains
  • Other considerations
    • Electrolytes (Nuun)
    • B complex (Vitamin Code)

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