Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out?!?!

Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out?!?!

Why try to fit in when you can stand out?
I saw a meme on IG the other day that struck me to my core, and to be honest, it has been on my mind ever since.

It said, “When we try to teach our children how to ‘fit in’ to society, we inadvertently send the message that conformity has a higher value than authenticity, in effect, priming them for a life of mediocrity and unhappiness, as nobody ever feels like they fit in when they are not being their authentic selves.” – J. Milburn

That resonated so much with me, and I see so much of the beauty of this quote in my life. With Noah, like many kids, he loves areas where he can be different and express himself. I think that’s where we find the magic in most people, and these are the areas where kids really find their gifts and passions. Noah loves wearing shorts in winter and his green sparkle bow tie we got at the dollar store. He makes up the best stories and doesn’t like sports with balls that much. There are so many ways in today’s world, that creatives like him and I can flourish or get stuck if we’re told a bunch of “shoulds” and to follow the “safe route”. But is an unfulfilling life really that safe?

I love the moments where I get to see this guy shine as his authentic self, and by him doing that he truly does light up those around him. I see the smile on his teachers face when he walks in and makes them laugh.

How do your kids like to stand out, whether you like it or not? 😂

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