Use Leftovers Creatively

Use Leftovers Creatively

While your home and having difficulty finding all your favorite food items, this is a great time to get really creative and get in the habit of using all your leftovers. This helps stores as their restocking and saves money in this chaotic time.

Meats can easily be made into burritos, wraps, and sandwiches for lunches. I just made a bunch of muffins with things I had on hand. You can bake your own bread. You can mix veggies and meats into eggs, top on a pizza crust, or stir up with pasta. It’s a great opportunity to see areas you could find ways to waste less food, which reduces your food budget. Plus, you have new fun meals! I always feel accomplished making something new.

Making leftovers a “Chopped Challenge” game with the kids is a great activity right now to teach kids about being creative and environmentally conscious while cooking together! In the “Chopped Challenges” I have done there have been lots of laughs and good food. And even if kids make weird combinations of food, there will be laughs and learning. Odd scraps of food are great for this.

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