Teff Flour Cookies

Teff Flour Cookies

Making batches of some kid friendly foods to have for quick snacks as we plan for the next fun month at home!

Even for pre-K, Noah has homework to do over the next month, and I am creating a loose block schedule and list of activities like skits, crafts, and making Lego projects to mimic Lego Masters so we stay busy and POSITIVE over this time. With all the anxiety around us, I truly am grateful for the opportunity to have some fun with the kids and Brendon as we are all home together. 💕

This morning I made these teff cookies with @bobsredmill teff. I used the cookie recipe on the bag but swapped some @eatnuttzo butter instead of peanut butter to use.up what I had. I also added the chocolate chips I had on hand. I just dumped the rest of the bag in so I honestly couldn’t even give you an estimate of how much. 🍫

They turned out great, and the boys loved them! I even let them eat some for breakfast since they are filled with fiber, no refined sugar, and energy boosting nutrients. 🌈

Cooking with your kids while they’re home can be a great activity to keep them busy, connect, and while creating healthy meals and snacks to keep your family full!🔥

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