Sugar Recommendations

Sugar Recommendations

Unfortunately, sugar is hidden everywhere in our food. Sadly, we can think that we are eating healthy snacks or healthy drinks, but they are loaded with unnecessary sugars and junk. Sugar has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, contains calories without nutrition, and had links to many other health issues.

For kids, it can easily displace nutrient rich foods like fruits and vegetables or even the ability to drink enough water that helps stabilize blood sugar, aids digestion, and keeps someone full. High sugar intake has also been linked to mood and focus issues due to replacing nutrients and unstable blood sugar. Lunches filled with jellies, fruit snacks and juices could call for some healthy swaps to boost their brain power!

It is amazing how one can of soda has 1.5 times the recommended amount of added sugar per day. I challenge you to look at the label of one of your kid’s favorite snacks and see how much sugar it contains. It may surprise you that one item can take them to the limit of the sugar recommendation.
Your child is already sweet enough!

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