Stocking Up and Using What You Have

Stocking Up and Using What You Have

With confusion and uncertainty, I think there are small moments where we can find positivity and power. I share this post not to make a statement about what is going on in the world or tell people whether they should create a stockpile or not. What I do feel is in my expertise is that kids will be.home for the next month, and that requires more healthy, quick food on hand!

As a mom and nutritionist, I am simply sharing this tip to help others in even a small way through this time and provide a budgeting/meal planning hack that can be implemented any time.

As I was planning to head to the store today as I do on Fridays, Luke decided to fall asleep. It gave me the time to look through all my food spots to plan some meals for the next week or two. It was amazing to realize how I already had ingredients to make pasta casseroles, burritos/burritos casseroles, all the frozen meats I had that I could pair with sauces and chickpea pasta, organic chicken nuggets, canned sardines, etc. Plus, I got to clean out anything old that I am never going to use making everything more organized and accessible.

Something like this always makes me feel accomplished and on top of managing my home just a little bit more. So, I hope for those that are feeling a little more anxiety these days this can be a small way to feel more empowered and save you some hassle!

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