Natural Ways to Treat COVID-19 and Vaccine Reactions

Natural Ways to Treat COVID-19 and Vaccine Reactions

As of now, the world has been dealing with COVID-19 for about a year. We have seen devastating job losses, deaths, children away from school, and chaos. However, we also have a year of research behind us on COVID-19, and we have limited research on the COVID-19 vaccine. However, we have seen some have severe reactions so far, especially those that are receiving the Moderna shots.

Natural practitioners have known for years that many preventative strategies and supplements can minimize viral and bacterial infections. Zinc, vitamin C, elderberry, vitamin D, probiotics, and an overall healthy diet can minimize risk of disease and severe cases of viral infections. Here is a great interview with Dr. Horowitz, a Lyme disease expert, on is success treating COVID-19. This article also outlines his protocol.

It is not a surprise that obesity is the number one risk factor for severe cases of COVID-19, and that most people who die with COVID-19 have at least two other underlying comorbidities. So, why are we censoring the doctors who are using combinations of glutathione, zinc, and other known virus fighters that have high success rates across the board to try an experimental vaccine with increasing number of reactions?

Though many in the health freedom community are being censored for sharing factual information, I think it is important that we stand for TRUTH, informed consent, and sovereignty. If you are looking for other resources to learn more about these perspectives and factual information about the COVID-19 vaccine, I would highly recommend Health Freedom for Humanity and their most recent interview with Dr. Palvesky. Dr. Palvesky has been a leader in spreading truth in a ground, scientific, and respectful way during a time of uncertainty and misinformation. He discusses why it is not a vaccine at all and what a virus really is. The end of his interview gave me chills it was so good!!!

To recover from vaccine reactions, especially, mRNA vaccines, there is very limited evidence on what will work completely. Even previous vaccines contain heavy metals and aborted fetal cells that can take time to remove. However, boosting the detoxification organs and immune system are great starting points. To start, I would recommend Advanced TRS detox spray and glutathione. Glutathione supports the immune system, liver detoxification, and antioxidant production. The body actually uses vitamin C to make glutathione so you are bypassing a step and aiding the body more efficiently. Both of these have been recommended by other practitioners to detox from conventional vaccines. However, like I said previously, we do not know if we can actually detox from mRNA vaccines, and we do not know the long term effects.

Ultimately, I hope we continue to have more wake up and come together in community to stand for health and for freedom. I am so thankful for all our truth warriors on the front lines of this speaking out. I am proud of you for doing your research and questioning no matter what you decide.

Big Hugs, Chelsea

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