Natural Solutions for ADHD Symptoms

Natural Solutions for ADHD Symptoms

My step-daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 4 years old. She was suspended from her daycare for biting, kicking, and many other impulsive behaviors. I felt like a failure as a step-parent getting weekly emails from her school about her behavior. She is very smart, but she couldn’t follow simple instructions on how to keep her room clean or keep her hands to herself. We tried food sensitivity testing, neurofeedback, a gluten free diet, reward charts, fidget devices, counseling, and more.

As an integrative nutritionist, I have helped many kids overcome their focus issues and impulsivity without medication. Through cleaning up their diet, detoxing heavy metals, and providing a few supplements, parents saw them managing their emotions, focusing more in school, better sleep, and improved digestion. With the rise in ADHD in our world, I want to share a comprehensive guide of solutions to consider and discuss with your primary care provider!

Advanced TRS Detox Spray

Heavy metals like lead, copper, aluminum, and mercury have been linked to ADHD, autism, SPD, and learning disorders. Heavy metals even easily deposit in the speech region of the brain causing speech delays. I hope to discuss the many sources of heavy metals that children are exposed to in another article.

When these metals are safely and easily removed through the body using the zeolite, many parents find children are calmer, more focused, and accelerate in development. Many find that even parasites come out from the body by addressing the heavy metals.

If I was to make a top recommendation from the list of suggestions I give my clients, this would be my recommended starting point for most families. This is due to the ease of giving it to your child, and that it can actually resolve a few items on the list. Ideally, it is sprayed under the tongue, but you can also spray it in their drink or on food. You can learn more about TTS spray here.


Zinc is a key mineral in the development in the frontal lobe of the brain, which regulates focus and emotional control. Zinc can either come from a supplement or from whole food sources. A low sugar diet can help zinc absorption as well.


Iodine is an essential nutrient for the thyroid, gut health, and detoxification. It can help displace fluoride in the system. Iodine is an important mineral for brain development.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are considered calming minerals. They support digestion, sleep, and calm moods. Vegetables are great sources. Endo-met has a great supplement called Paramin for these minerals that are in bioavailable forms.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D works synergistically with calcium and magnesium. It is considered a hormone and regulates the mood and overall development. A vitamin D3 supplement is easy to find in a liquid or sugar-free gummy for kids. Great sources of vitamin D are grass-fed meats and grass-fed butter. Sunshine supports vitamin D absorption as well. I live in Michigan so I make sure to supplement though because we do not get enough sun to rely on that alone.

Omega 3s

Omega 3s have been shown to support the development of the brain. However, omeega 3s are not commonly consumed in an ideal ratio for many kids, especially comparing how many omega 6s kids now eat with processed oils and foods. Omega 3s come from foods like chia seeds, fish, and some nuts and seeds.

Personally, this is a supplement that can be optional in my opinion if you can get the right foods in. I would prioritize detoxification first. I also have my boys eat sardines and nuts. Most kids would probably enjoy some nuts or chia seed pudding.


Research has shown us that the health of the brain and gut are connected. The gut is where we absorb our nutrients or “the body’s tools”. Probiotics are a way to maintain healthy gut bacteria and kill off disruptive bad bacteria. We are not just what we eat, but we are what we absorb according to Dr. Josh Axe. So, we could be taking many supplements but not absorbing them, which makes the supplements useless. Also, poor gut health can lead to histamine intolerance or a protein deficiency due to malabsorption. Finally, probiotics can support the detoxification process by clearing out the gut and supporting the elimination of waste and toxins.

Low Sugar and Gluten Diet

Fluctuations in blood sugar can leave anyone moody, tired, and unfocused. Growing children need sources of protein and fat with every meal to balance their blood sugar and grow. I recommend cutting out as much processed food, jellies, and juices as possible even if they are from natural sources. Gluten can be inflammatory for some, and inflammatory foods can cause gut issues.

Parasite Cleansing

Parasites are more common than we think. We can unknowingly intake them through some foods, having pets, or some water sources. They can wreck havoc on our health and digestion. Nature’s Answer has a liquid parasite cleanse, but it has an intense taste. So, again, I would recommend TRS since it is a tasteless spray that has addressed heavy metals and parasites for many. You can look at the research here.

Liver Support

The liver is the most important detoxification organ in the body. Think of our bodies as a sink. If there is a clog in the sink, it does not drain. So, if the goal is to remove disruptors in the body such as parasites, heavy metals, and pathogens, it is essential to make sure the detox pathways are open.

Near Infrared Light Sauna

Near infrared light is a great way to detox the body gently. For children, I recommend starting slowly and for 5-10 minute increments. Good areas to target at first are the stomach, liver and kidneys. Then, you can move on to the head area to clear out the brain. You will want to monitor them for healing reactions such as diarrhea or mood changes as toxins such as metals, candida and parasites leave the body.

Holistic Counseling

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for further support, please let me know! Through this counseling, we can work together on more specific nutritional plans, energy healing, and clearing up environmental toxins.

Please contact me with any questions, or go ahead and book an appointment!

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