Intuitives Without Tools?

Intuitives Without Tools?

Many kids struggle with big emotions. However, many have great empathy and compassion without knowing how to handle their feelings and big hearts day to day.

That’s why I am a big fan of giving kids a form of creative meditation or therapy that fits them and is fun…one that doesn’t seem forced. This is a way to help them ground into their bodies and the present moment instead of getting so scattered, distracted, and impulsive with everything they react to.

This can be journaling, movement, music, crochet, art, Legos, etc. Some of these techniques are used by adults to heal from emotional traumas. So, think about how powerful it would be for a kid to start a practice like this!!! It is great if it is something that gets them using their hands and bodies. If it is something they can do most days because they enjoy it, it will benefit their mindset and coping skills so much!!! What creative outlet do your kids enioy?

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