Painting with Cottonballs and TP Rolls

Painting with Cottonballs and TP Rolls

The boys and I did some creative time yesterday afternoon by painting with cotton balls and toilet paper rolls. I set out blue, green, red, and yellow paint, and they dipped their “painting tools” in the paint. It is not only art time, but we used it as a way to talk about colors, shapes, counting, working on fine motor skills, and Noah wrote his name to sign his painting. Once they dried, we sent them to family members. Luke did great identifying “blue” and “green”, and when he was done and I wanted to take a picture, he said, “I want to hold it up”.

There have definitely been moments where I have questioned whether I am doing enough to keep all the kids learning and entertained. Feeling not enough is my biggest struggle so this shift has brought up alot of emotional triggers for me.

It’s set my schedule upside down in many ways. However, I think we are getting in a groove by having checklists of topics or activities kids need to do each day, and I brainstormed many project ideas for the kids like skits, cooking, crafts, chores, science experiments, etc.

It’s not easy to all of a sudden have to find projects or lessons kids to still be productive and accomplished throughout the day on top of everything else. But, we got this parents!! Thank you to all the teachers planning lessons from afar. We appreciate all you do!

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