Painting Rocks

Painting Rocks

I think everyone in their own way is finding ways to get more creative than usual to find joy and entertainment these days. Last night, we painted rocks with craft supplies we had, and as usual, my Lukey found the simple family activity of making rocks into things like ladybugs the most thrilling and exciting activity. He kept saying “Googly eyes!!!”

He has a way of having a presence of joy that expands way past his 2 year old body and fills a room. His presence and view of the world is sometimes the most centering thing for me. Being forced to slow down and find the beauty in what we have and can find has certainly been a wonderful, humbling fresh perspective. It hasn’t been without it’s moments of frustration and exhaustion, but there is certainly way more to be grateful for. Plus, I thrive on opportunities to be creative!!! And, how cute is this bug?!?!?

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