October Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea

October Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea


  • Arcade and Laser tag (Spare Time)
  • Sandwich shop (Big John Steak and Onion)


  • Ribbon
  • Big John’s sandwich paper
  • Fabric flower
  • Label with arcade name

If you do not have a local Big John’s, choose the popular local sandwich shop. Our local arcade also has an escape room along with laser tag.


First, I got lunch at Big John’s sandwich shop to grab a container or the sandwich paper to use for the gift. I printed off the name image for the arcade and glued it to colorful construction paper. I placed the label for the arcade, sandwich paper, and flower together. Then, I tied it with a ribbon. It is great that this one is small because this helps everything fit in the bin since some have bigger props. All the gifts are going in a bin basket together. The gift will be labeled with “A Year of Dates with Daddy”.

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