June Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea

June Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea


  • Karaoke lounge
  • Noodles & Company dinner

My step-daughter’s favorite activity is to sing. She loves putting on music and singing
or singing without any music. So, I thought it would be special to go to a fun place where they make singing a
show, and everyone loves it.


  • Noodles & Company container or label on a mac and cheese box
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric flower
  • Plastic microphone


I first made sure that there was a karaoke bar nearby that allowed kids in. Then, I placed the microphone, noodles container, and flower together. On the label, I will make a note of the karaoke place. Then, I tied it with a ribbon in a bow. All the gifts are going in a bin basket together. The gift will be labeled with “A Year of Dates with Daddy”.

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