July Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea

July Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea


  • Breakfast restaurant
  • Star Wars Origami making book

My step-daughter and her dad have a special breakfast place that they have gone to for many years. He is also a big Star Wars fan, and she loves crafting. So, this is the perfect activity for them to do together. You can find something similar online for stories or shows that your family likes.


  • Breakfast place container or label on a pancake mix box
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric flower
  • Star Wars oragami activity book


I placed the origami activity book, breakfast container or pancake mix, and flower together. Then, I tied it with a ribbon in a bow. All the gifts are going in a bin basket together. The gift will be labeled with “A Year of Dates with Daddy”.

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