January Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea

January Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea


  • Paint Your Own Pottery or Painting Studio
  • Dinner at KFC

First, as we move through these feminine gift ideas note a few ways that I made each date appear very special and creative to bring attention to the thought behind it. I went to the local craft store and bought fake flowers to go with each gift. I went at the change of their stock so I got 80% off. So, planning these ahead is great. I also tie each with pretty ribbon for a fancy touch. Finally, I do not go out and get gift cards with any of these. This way you can pay as you go, and you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the cards. What I did instead is print a picture of the logo and put it on construction paper. I also took time to have family meals or lunches from many of the places to have the containers from there. It makes the presentation more interesting.

Optional: For each date, you can print off or write what month it is for. I did this because some events were very date specific and some were seasonal. Therefore, to avoid confusion, I made each date have a specific month.


  • print off of KFC logo
  • construction paper
  • KFC container
  • ribbon
  • fabric flower
  • on sale/ clearance paint and craft
  • print off of class signed up for (if applicable)


I put all the supplies in the KFC box for the date, the flower, and the craft supplies to give it an artsy feel. Then, I tied it with a ribbon. All the gifts are going in a bin basket together. The gift will be labeled with “A Year of Dates with Daddy”.

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