Intuitive Meditation

Intuitive Meditation

I always told myself, “I will never meditate.” “Meditation is boring.” “I would rather run or do most other things.” “I don’t have time.” To me, I didn’t get the purpose of “just sitting”. Running was my joy and stress relief.
Then, last year, as I launched my coaching program, I got to see the depths to which I got to look at my emotions, trauma, and steps to heal. I’ve worked with a high-level mindset coach, hypnotherapist, and studied the inner work ALOT along with my other holistic practices.
In everything I was experiencing, it led me to intuitive meditation and learning energy techniques from several incredible energy healers. My whole perspective on the definition of meditation has changed and how it can benefit how I show up for myself and others like my family. “You can only give to others what you have inside.” Wow, that resonates with me so deeply.
In meditation, I actually learn how to ground myself and process the energies like negative emotions in my body to then fill myself with positive energy. For someone who likes to feel busy, it is actually a very beautiful mentally active practice. My class that I am currently taking through the School of Intuitive Living has become one of the best parts of my week. I always feel so much better as I continue to learn more tools, which is super important as an Intuitive and an empath. I get drained and affected by things really easily.
I even tried out a short meditation with my family when the kids were acting up this week. I’m pretty sure everyone hated it and just wanted to get it over with 🤣, but I hope to try it with them again in the future to share the benefits.
Do you meditate or.have you thought about it? Have you tried it with your family?

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