How Feeling a Lack of Support Affects the Body

How Feeling a Lack of Support Affects the Body

How do you ask for support?

Do you find that you can easily communicate your needs to your spouse, kids, and friends, or do you have fears around expressing what you want so that it either is never said or comes out in hurtful, confusing, manipulative ways?

There’s no judgement. The most important thing is awareness. Because when you are aware, you can examine your true feelings.

You can go in and determine:
♥️ Why do I feel this way?
♥️ What do I REALLY want?
♥️ How do I get to shifts my beliefs around that?
♥️ How would I get to speak to that to move towards what I want?

As I go within more and more this past year, I’ve had my exhaustion with certain areas of my life keep coming up for me. As I focused on the issues, the resentment and responsibility of my perception “of having to take care of everyone” and “stay on top of everything” remained. Even with holistic healing, I developed HPA Axis Dysfunction and gained 10 lbs. Through mindset coaching, my reactions to situations got better, but something was still missing.

However, as I have grown in my Intuitive meditation practice, I’m able to remove and address these stuck emotions like never before. A few nights ago, I practiced a technique called “blowing roses” where you can remove negative memories, emotions, and people from your body. As I removed exhaustion, I felt severe pain in my left shoulder (burdens) and had a wave of emotion rise up in me. As I pushed out the energy and exploded it, I received so many ideas of how to journal and process how to work through asking for more support in the areas that had been weighing on my heart.

I get to keep affirming that I’m enough even if I am not perfect or keep everything together all the time. And if no one has told you today, you are enough too.

As a parent and person, your feelings are valid. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of your needs to. It comes down to taking radical responsibility for doing the work to determine WHAT YOU ACTUALLY NEED and not focusing on what you’re perceiving you’re not getting from other people because then you can communicate from a place of honoring both yourself and the needs of others.

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