February Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea

February Daddy-Daughter Quality Time Date Idea


  • Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Dance
  • Dinner at Taco Bell

This dance and going to Taco Bell is a yearly tradition in our house. My husband and step-daughter love Taco Bell. So, all the restaurants selected have been because they are family favorites. They are not based on nutritional health. They are focused on the special event. So, the focus is on fun and emotional health. I went to the grocery store and found their brand of taco shells. This was easy for me to grab to convey the effect for the gift.


  • Taco bell shells or restaurant container
  • ribbon
  • fabric flower
  • Glitter shoes
  • Tickets to the dance


I put the shoes, flower, and tickets on the Taco Bell box. Then, I tied it with a ribbon. All the gifts are going in a bin basket together. The gift will be labeled with “A Year of Dates with Daddy”.

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