Work Lunches from Leftovers

Work Lunches from Leftovers

People always tell my husband “You eat so healthy” when they see his lunches for work. At multiple jobs random people come up and have said this to him. He laughs and says, “No, my wife makes me healthy food. I just eat.”.

I make my husband’s lunches every week. This helps us use up leftovers, eat healthier than grabbing fast food, and save a ton of money. Also, with the nature of his tech work, he is always on the go to meetings or coding and needs grab and go food he can eat with his hands. Otherwise, he forgets to eat. I’ve tried sending him Paleo type lunches that require a fork and knife, and it doesn’t work out. For him sandwiches or burritos with fruit, carrots, and a Paleo nut bar are a huge win and big step in a healthy direction.

What’s great is with a little creativity, many leftovers can be made into these simple options. During the weekend, I pull out the leftovers and get the unused meat, cheese, beans, fruit, and veggies. Then, I see how I can combine them. A few weeks ago, we had a taco bar for my son’s birthday so that was easy to just make more quesadillas and use up the produce. The next week, I did crockpot chicken mixed up with the spinach artichoke dip from the party as a form of chicken salad sandwiches. In the pictures, I have crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches, chicken Tikka masala on a sandwich, beef with spinach artichoke dip, and a beef and cheese sandwich. Sometimes I add hummus, guacamole, or spicy pickles.

Even leftover chicken nuggets can be mixed with an avocado oil ranch and Frank’s hot sauce and put in a wrap. Honestly, you would probably pay $7 for that and a bag of chips at most places.

I challenge you to pull out the leftovers in your frig and see what fun lunches you can make. Let me know what you create!!

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