Homemade “Fast Food” for Kids on the Go

Homemade “Fast Food” for Kids on the Go

Most of the time, I focus on super healthy meals for my family, and sometimes, I aim to do the best that I can with nutrition, time, and cost.

We have activities like karate and piano to take kids to during the week, and those days require fast meals. For piano, my husband and stepdaughter are there for a few hours so I make “to go” homemade meals that are easy to eat, can be eaten cold, are affordable, and each component can be modified as much as you want for health choices and taste buds.

I focused on making a comparable meal to fast food that has slightly healthier components and cuts the price and wait time while you order.

This week, I made crockpot BBQ chicken sandwiches. I cooked the chicken this past Sunday. Then, you can cut it or shred it in a stand mixer. Finally, use your favorite BBQ sauce. I like honey or date sweetened ones, but I honestly used Sweet Baby Ray’s here based on the palate of who I was making it for. The sandwich is on a brioche bun but could totally be done gluten free. The sides are fruit and organic tortilla chips from Costco (to swap for fries).

Pack it with a water bottle, and the family is good to go for whatever extracurricular you have!!! The reusable containers make it easy to make these the night before and pack in a cooler as you head to basketball games, track events, theater practice, etc.

Your kids are really lucky to get to be able to do such fun activities and have you chauffeuring or cheering them on. Hope this gives you some ideas of how to make the crazy schedules a little easier for your family meals! You already have enough on your plate as it is (pun intended 😀).

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