Crafts and Cards for Family During Physical Distancing

Crafts and Cards for Family During Physical Distancing

It’s been several weeks since my boys and I have seen my parents in person. They live 30 minutes away, and the boys are used to going to their house twice a week. It’s hard,.but it is important to be part of the collective effort to protect those like my parents who are more at risk.

I know it’s hard for many separated from family and friends. I see many with parents in nursing homes who can’t go there. That breaks my heart.

So, for the craft of the day, we sent crafts to my parents in the mail. Luke made a cow (my dad is a retired dairy animal science professor). Luke loves cows too. Swipe left for the crafts. I cut the pieces for him, and we glued. Noah painted an alien cow. Then, we painted pinecones from our daily walks.Have your child spend 10 minutes making something to send to someone they miss. I know they’ll appreciate receiving it right now.

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