Conservation Gifts for Young Animal Lovers

Conservation Gifts for Young Animal Lovers

My son Luke, almost 2, has always loved animals. He has a big heart for other creatures. He also has a ton of toys to play with and books from his older sister and brother. 

This past fall, we went to @johnballzoogr, and he fell in love with the tortoises. He starred at them for a looonnnggg time, more than any other animal, and he loved the other animals.

I found it interesting how he was fascinated by these majestic creatures that many others just glanced at for a few seconds. So, for Christmas he sponsored the tortoises and received cute mom and baby turtle stuffed animals to keep. 

Also, since we are now on the zoo’s mailing list, we recently received their magazine. So, as a creative project, which I need alot of, I made him a little poster of all the animals for his crib so he can see them when he wakes up and falls asleep. You can even do this with your kid if they use scissors.