Quality Time Gifts for Kids

Quality Time Gifts for Kids

As we head towards Black Friday and completing our gift shopping, I wanted to share a great way to put together really meaningful gifts for your kids.

To start, I highly recommend Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages and The Five Love Languages for kids. He explains how each person typically has a primary way of giving and receiving love. One of those is quality time. I have a few kids in my house that are definitely quality time kids. They may ask for flashy toys, but these barely mean anything to them compared to presence and experiences with family. I will also mention they are highly empathic so not getting this need met really creates problems for them.

So, this year I put together gifts that are very intentional in reflecting those things we are already planning to do and planning surprise dates together. This also helps avoid buying gifts of toys that won’t be used as much (save $$$$$). It also increases gratitude because there is more focus on the activities you spent money on and planned throughout the year like theater shows, etc.. I’m excited to share in the coming week the “Year of Dates with Daddy” monthly gifts I put together for my stepdaughter and the “Year of Dates with Mommy” monthly gifts I put together for my son. I have creatively put them together in a fun presentation to portray the excitement and intention behind. I will be sharing them through posts and a free PDF you will be able to download with the instructions and inspirational ideas.

Stay turned or DM me if you want to get on my list to receive it!!!

Also read: https://www.mother.ly/child/its-science-giving-experiences-instead-of-toys-boosts-your-kids-intelligence-happiness?fbclid=IwAR1oMcd-8fBOZ_1KWz2cjZFURzKKgzHJpqLu9N8T_gnSgF_yLkTwaU5teqI

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