Make Yearly Trips into a Christmas Gift

Make Yearly Trips into a Christmas Gift

Who is getting Christmas presents ready?

Christmas can get stressful with the planning and financially.

However, I have an idea that could help many of you potentially save money in the long run, get creative, set more attention on quality time, and increase gratitude.

If you are taking a trip or Spring Break with your kids coming up this is for you!!! Make that a gift under the tree. You’re already spending tons of time and money on it for the kids!!! It doesn’t have to be separate and increases their excitement about it. And, I bet if you asked them they are way more excited about a trip than a toy. Kids just naturally think they “need” everything!

We are going to Kalahari water park for this coming Spring Break. So, each kid is getting a basket with a new beach towel, sandals, road trip activities, and a passport for all the special activities at the waterpark like bowling, arcade games, mini golf, mermaid swim, etc (you know all those activities they beg for once you get there). The whole trip is several thousand dollars so why does it have to be Christmas plus that. This also alleviates some of my annoyances of getting to the trip and them asking for every extra activity available. I used to get annoyed on special activities when we would get there and then kids would beg for extra things because it triggered me to feel like they weren’t grateful for all they were already getting. So, I am reframing all that to make it laid out in the gift as opposed to more junk toys they use like twice. Now, they know everything they get to do and have more gratitude.

I am much more excited as a parent to intentionally invest more in activities to do as a family than more toys that get thrown everywhere.

How’s your Christmas planning going???

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