Finger Foods and Toddler Meals

Finger Foods and Toddler Meals

In the toddler years, start trying foods in different forms and in different dishes, Some examples include veggie or meat patties, cubed proteins, veggies in sauces, and mashed side dishes. You may find introducing certain proteins in burger forms or different sauces made from veggies to be easier transitions to new foods. In this toddler stage, have some fun, help your child explore new foods, and feel comfortable treating your child to healthy

Indulgences. Below provides a general outline of how your child’s food should look throughout the day. As a toddler, they will continue to eat more due to growth, mobility, and less reliance on breast milk or milk for calories. This plan accounts for a breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks, and optional treats for special occasions.


  • Focus on fat and protein to fuel their brain.
  • Carbohydrates should not be the focus of breakfast
  • If you want to make healthy waffles, pancakes, or fruit options, I would suggest those for the weekends as special breakfasts

Morning Snack

  • Should contain protein and fat to keep their blood glucose stable and minds focused


  • Finger foods in the forms of patties, nuggets, diced pieces of food, or tots
  • Focus on protein, fat, and include healthy carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit

Afternoon Snack

  • Carbohydrates with fat and protein to keep their energy up


  • Healthy protein, vegetable, carbohydrate, and fat


If your child still feels hungry or you are celebrating a special day, have some quick, healthy treat options as well.

Try some banana ice cream or chocolate fudge.  

Read Labels

If you are going to buy prepackaged food, make sure to read the labels. For example, many nut butters (even natural and organic ones) contain sugar. Also, granola bars are loaded with sugar and processed ingredients, even the ones that have claims about “natural” or healthy. A great granola bar option for kids would be a Larabar.

Quick, Easy Recipes

Here is a great breakfast:

Banana Collagen Pancakes: These pancakes are packed with protein, and kids gobble them up! Check out the recipe, or watch how to make them!

One fun side option to get some veggies and fruits into your child is this Carri-be-green smoothie. It contains spinach, pineapple, mango, banana, and protein. Check out the recipe, here, or watch it get made!

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