Best On-the-Go Baby Food Pouches

Best On-the-Go Baby Food Pouches

What’s the best baby food?

I’m a mom that is all about making my baby food from scratch, but even, I don’t have time sometimes and with an on-the-go life it isn’t always practical. And, many families have other priorities, and THAT IS OKAY. Now, there are great options out there, which is such a lifesaver.

You Don’t Have to Always Use Homemade Baby Food

Last month, we went on a family trip to a wedding. With flying and traveling it was not going to be convenient to take my purees. So, I bought the next best thing, My Serenity Kids baby food. and let me tell you mommas, I AM PICKY when it comes to my baby’ food. This stuff is awesome though!

What Is Important in a Baby Food?

It is SO important to me that my baby food is a balanced meal with vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. Growing kids need tons of zinc, and the best sources are in meat, grass-fed meat that is. Vegetable purees are great sometimes, but vegetables alone are not going to offer all the nutrients babies need ALL OF THE TIME. Plus, I avoid any fruits with my babies before age one to develop their taste buds away from sweet foods and to minimize their sugar consumption. I find after 1 year to be a more appropriate time to add fruit because they have become more active. It even has a hint salt added for flavor and to aid digestion. Luke loves it!

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