How to Make Homemade Natural, Organic Baby Food: Batch Cooking of Baby Food

How to Make Homemade Natural, Organic Baby Food: Batch Cooking of Baby Food

Batch Cooking and Storing of Baby Food


1. Determine portions – How much is your baby eating at a sitting? I started with 4 oz portions for storing.

2. Have a stock of breastmilk bags ready.

3. Cook protein and veggies for the purees.

4. Cut the ingredients into pieces your blender can handle.

5. Add the protein, veggies, and fat to the blender. If the mixture has trouble blending up, add some full-fat coconut milk to help it blend.

6. Once blended, scoop the portions into the breastmilk bags. You can get equal portions by using measuring spoons or by filling the bags up to the same oz. line on each one.

7. Label and store flat in the freezer.

Batch Cooking Tips

This strategy for batch cooking and storing can help you to make your own varieties of food. You can even make your own combinations of food by cooking extra meat and vegetables from your dinners and blending up the rest.

One trick I use that helps to save time and multitask is to cook portions of the baby food, while you are already cooking. So, if you have the oven on for cooking a family dinner, why not pop in some sweet potatoes or salmon on the other rack? These can then cook and cool during dinner. Then, you can quickly blend up the ingredients. You can either store to portion out later when you have time or do it that night. When you can be flexible with getting a few steps done at a time, you can start to feel like you are not sacrificing as much time to just focus on making the food because you can work on it in stages while you are doing other things in the kitchen as well.




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