Chelsea Thiede, MS, is a Master Healer and family holistic health practitioner. She is a gifted Energy Healer, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP), and Integrative Nutritionist (MS, CCN), and Food Scientist (MS). Her passion for children and family health comes from her most important job title, mom. She is passionate about helping others to heal from within! Her ability to perceive subtle energy, especially through clairsentience, along with her positive approach is exceptional.

She is the founder of Little Hands Holistic Care and authored the E-book “A Recipe for a Healthy Baby.” She has healed herself of chronic Lyme and emotional abuse. She has worked with several high level spiritual mindset coaches, holistic healing practitioners, and clairvoyant teachers to raise her own vibration, heal, and grow in her own capabilities to serve the world. She coaches many clients to holistically optimize their physical and emotional health as a whole, conscious family. Her greatest gifts come through her healing intensives to empower others to completely shift their physical and emotional energy for amazing transformations!

Her greatest goal is to help suffering children who need support beyond the available medical options as well as parents help their children have the healthiest starts possible. Through her own struggles personally and as a mom, she dove deep into ancestral health, mindset, to energy healing to rise into a high level of healing for herself, family, and her clients. She used nutrient dense food to help her son Noah go from the bottom to the top of the charts in 6 months as a baby. She also cleared Noah of high anxiety and SPD through holistic healing, which unlocked his own intuitive capabilities and natural healing gifts. She has also alchemized and up-leveled her family’s frequency through emotional inner work, conscious parenting and communication, and embodying the intuitive tools to teach her family.

Also, she shares nutrient dense kid-approved recipes for busy families that help provide nutrient dense food for optimal development and how to make “better” decisions in the real life moments. Her healthy meal planning E-books and courses have become game changers for families! She loves creative projects to support family connection and grounding. She has fun creating recipes from leftovers or crafts from random scraps in the family’s craft bins at home. She also shares the authentic, realistic moments of motherhood in the joys, messes, and occasional pizza and cake.